[Trade Signal] – History repeats itself…. again!

Generally speaking there are some very interesting patterns developing on the charts as I’m typing some of those are starting to complete quite quickly – the patterns highlighted show that history does indeed repeat itself over and over again for a smart trader to exploit.

Price on GBPUSD (& EURUSD) is finally trending nicely. On the weekly charts (not posted) price is suggesting a move down towards the 1.5000. The chart below is showing what is looking like a very nice add in opportunity developing into what are already some very good movements.

We speculated on these rallies that we are seeing now could well be the highs for the week and if so providing some very obvious and easy pickings for entries into the bigger moves.

The entry patterns developing are almost exactly as we anticipated first thing this morning in the live training room.

The BIG question right now is will this history repeat itself OR will it mutate and develop into something else – like a bullish ABC correction?

This is life on the hard right edge.


EURUSD is by far the run away winner from last week. Also looking to add in as Im typing this posting.


GBPJPY has nothing amazing to report other than it is still in a range and I’m waiting for price to break out before considering any new trading opportunities.


Dow futures also in a slight consolidation. Based off the larger pattern and a potential move lower towards 14,600 level (see previous analysis) this pattern can be used to try and position ahead of a potential new short trend. As I’m typing this shorts @ 15,590 are open and price is pushing quickly lower.

Similar to last week – quick scale outs can be met with exceptionally low risk (see arrows on chart for past entry considerations)



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