[Trade Signal] – Monday Markets Blues Again

Monday blues again – This seems to have a been a common theme for most of this year and I’m not expecting that to change much today. We may see some slow or late day (UK late day 8pm ish) movements but overall most likely going to be pretty quiet again. The US national holiday may just emphasise this as well.

GBPJPY on the 8hr chart finally confirming a consolidation pattern. One which is meaning I will be standing down as the location of current price is not great for anything new. Right now I’m waiting for price to be near the upper or lower boundaries before resuming trading.


EURJPY providing one of a very short list of trading set ups for the day. Long as per the mark ups on the chart and running slowly to its first target zone at +40. I’m not expecting too much more after that anything more would be a bonus.


Dow Futures YM still rattling around the upper boundary of the previously mentioned rising channel. We might see one final push higher and I’m still considering the downturn and a move to 14,700 level still on the table. As always with these things it’s the when that I’m not sure about at the moment. For now though price is pointing slightly bullish still.


EURUSD Continues to power away and I’m almost getting bored with saying what a great trade this is… still on short from 1.3760 as well as add in trades along the way.

Pattern now is developing a nice symmetrical triangle. These things commonly develop and break over 3 days and I’m looking to short the upper boundary as marked on the chart which is in line with the overall direction of position and the trend. Safe option is to wait for the break down.



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