[Trade Signal] – Prices ping & pong around…

The Markets appear to be very skittish still and have been all this year. Price are moving but they just dont seem to be sustaining any longer term directional moves… commonly known as a trend.. at least not for more than a few days or a few hundred points

Thankfully the profits are still there but we do not have the luxury of seeing something interesting every day or every other day for that matter and given the same skittish behaviour it is very prudent to be very selective with what is available

EURUSD – Im calling a range on this still… very mess and very spiky. The sensible thing to do is to wait for a solid move in any direction


YM Dow mini futures. Best chart out there at the moment… some lovely range trading simply taking a reversal off the range boundaries has produced some of the best trades this year so far despite there being no solid single direction.


GBPUSD – still also flip flopping around. price in conflict with strategy at the moment and Im waiting for things to line up. Currently Im waiting


EURJPY – Also flip flopping but doing it over a wider range. We can see that price is starting to showing some signs of trending behaviour but as always at the moment it a question of will it continue. Right now we are at levels on the chart that suggest its a good place for it to turn. Caution is needed for new trades or simply manage existing trades which is what Im doing right now


GBPJPY – giving us a nice simple and clean break out movement.Similar to EURJPY though prices are at levels where we could see a turn and this move exhaust itself.



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