[Trade Signal] – Monday is EUR Shorts day…

Well – for the first time in a long time Monday looks almost half interesting and we are already starting to see a little movement. Despite that assessment things do appear to be still very slow and sluggish in this first quarter of the year.

There has certainly been a significant amount of other action elsewhere than the primary focus of this free newsletter

EURJPY – still showing signs of being in a rather large range. Currently we are at a good place for an each way trade choice.


GBPJPY is also in a large range. I do not think that assessment makes too much difference as its really wide and price is tending nicely within that range… currently looking for shorts


EURUSD – becoming a lot more interesting that previously in the year… will it continue? New short directions setting up for me.


GBPUSD – This whole areavis a mess and Im continuing to avoid it.


Dow – My darling Dow… lovely chart… lovely profits… still short and looking for short



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