[Trade Signal] – Its boring again but…

Well folks – I don’t know about you but Im getting a little tired of these market conditions … they are just plain weird. Although we have seen this fluttering price activity back and forth yoyo’ing around many times before. Its just tiresome sitting through it while its happening.

The first quarter of the year has been stop start with prices pushing back and forth not really making or loosing much new ground. Even considering range style trading is not too favourable either as for me te size of some of these consolidations just is not big enough to consider every time we see a defined consolidation.

Anyway – be patient folks – in 20+ years of trading – this is just a short 3 month blip of inactivity to be concerned about.

EURUSD – in range


Dow Ym Futures – break out of consol. pattern


Oil CL Futures moving out and swiftly back into a consol.


GBPUSD is taking EUR’s title as being one of the messier charts to look at for the moment.


GBPJPY – price moving – but check that scale – its not moving much and nothing to get excited about


EURJPY – also moving into and out of ranges quite quickly



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