[Trade Signal] – Markets continue to dither

Still not too different from last weeks views. Several ranges to break from and ideally I would like to see some continuation movements… but since we haven’t seen many of those in the last 3 months its unlikely to suddenly appear.

Its looking like continued patience is necessary still for trending strategies.

Dow Futures – Looking like one of the better charts again… Fridays shorts pushing nicely towards targets. Todays prices showing the suggestion we might see a further push lower… a move through 16,200 should highlight this


EURJPY – In a range (still) waiting for a break


GBPJPY – In a range (still) waiting for a break


EURUSD – Showing a slight conflict in directions. Waiting for a clearer picture again


GBPUSD – Starting to push lower towards first targets. Ideally would like to see price continue… but they are still a rare sight at the moment



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