[Trade Signal] – A little life and movement in…

Once again we see a little spark of life start to germinate on the markets and since we haev been saying there is bound to be some movement soon for a while its probably no surprise that this is eventually happening.

AsI keep reminding the group in our live sessions is these types of market conditions that make people blow accounts very quickly. But as long as we are patient and wait for your strategy conditions then you will reap the rewards.

There are slim picking still but patience providing the best opportunities which are profiting quickly. We are just not seeing any significant follow through…. Will these moves “Be the ones?” Time will tell.

Dow continues to be my darling chart for many months and while its been a distant friend when it comes to having a trend … it has sent me regular presents all-be-it small ones… right now another quick small gift again.




GBPUSD – showing a slightly conflict with the base level strategy and a discretionary view… Im likign shorts below 1.6580ish level still and will resume looking for longs above 1.6600


EURUSD – although the chart its not marked there is a consolidation evident and Im waiting for a clear movement still in either direction.



GBPJPY – still in a range but at the upper boundary and as I type this we can see price reversing off this level. Range reversal shorts taken as per the strict conditions of the strategy



EURJPY – guess what… yup still in a range – waiting for a break



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