[Trade Signal] – Yawn… Another dull day in Forex

Generally speaking its turning out to be yet another dull start to the week. But then this has generally been the pace of things in Forex for most of this year.

[Forex] – Update

GBPUSD – GBPJPY – EURUSD – EURJPY all range bound in one form or another. Right now I’m sidelined waiting for things to develop and start looking a heck of a lot more interesting than they do right now.

On the higher time frames you can see similar ranging patterns develop highlighting that again for trending strategies we should be cautious and consider cash as the best option





[Futures] – Update

Dow stock index Futures continue to be the darling trade of the month for me. Originally starting longs at 14,800 I closed out at 15,500 on the button late on Friday, not wanting to quibble over the 50 points to the expected target level (which it has reached quite easily overnight)

Right now Im looking for longs again thinking we might see one final push up and maybe past 15,600 levels before anything else might be considered.

Short trades are now also a consideration as price is at the larger time frame channel highs. Generally its a great location for the next something to happen



[Trade Table]

No open or pending trades – will update if something new develops.

This page is updated periodically through the day. Please check back regularly


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[Trade Signal] – Update 18 Oct ’13

[Forex] – Update

GBPJPY & EURJPY appear to the the messiest looking charts for me today and might just be worth putting them to one side today and seeing what else new develop next week.

GBPUSD & EURUSD finally moving out of there consolidation zones and I can finally start looking for Longs.

Overall currency charts look the least impressive still with better and clearer opportunities developing on other markets and instruments




New trade entries

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[Futures] – Update

YM Dow Futures is still my darling trade at the moment. Price pushing up nicely from the consolidation lows identified yesterday and now up near the pattern highs. Decision time again – break out or turn down and continue to range. As Im writing this I see no reason to consider shorts just yet.


[Stock] – Update

Facebook & First Solar continue to push higher. Simply sit back time for now and see where price takes me.




[Trade Table]




This page is updated periodically through the day. Please check back regularly

[Trade Signal] – Update 14 Oct ’13

Dow update

YM Trade Continues to power ahead from last weeks signal at 14,800. I’m locking profits in at 15,000. There is the suggestion of a new short signal in development but with US National holiday today I’ll not be considering anything new until Tuesday.

Generally speaking I’m having a shortened trading day as per usual on days like today. As I’m writing this it’s nearly at that time of morning when I’m considering walking away for the day.



New Trade Signals

EURJPY continues to move higher from last weeks signal L132.45.

There is the suggestion of a new signal developing but it is also not looking like it will develop until late today or early tomorrow.


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The same comments can be said for GJ as for EJ.

Both currently pending development


GBPUSD is long pending. I’m looking for entries above L1.5995


EURUSD is long pending. I’m looking for entries above L1.3575



Current Positions Table


Free content does not include specific trade management for scale out targets or stop placement. These are the core positions and will have some exposure until the next opposing signal is generated.


[Trade Signal] – YM 10 Oct ’13

Mini dow futures YM firing off a lovely new long at a critical place on the higher time frames


Targets 2 and 3 reached – plane sailing all the way now.