[Trade Signal] – EUR last chance shorts…

EURUSD is for the moment showing last chance shorts.

Currently our trade room is short on EUR and has been since 1.3760 as well as several add in points along the way. In the last week we recognised that price was in and “angled range” quite early on but trying to pick that high of the range has been quite difficult to consider a short trade entry to add in again.

I think we are at the last chance short level before needing to seriously reconsider direction. We have some health profits here so its just a case of how much and when we cash out.

Assuming price does indeed sell off I’ll be looking to add in below 1.3500


In other news in an otherwise very quiet week we see Stock Index futures pushing ever higher making some new records along the way.

Dow Futures - My darling Dow continues to give like a kindly uncle as ES & NQ (SnP & NASDAQ)


Entry above – profits below


S&P Futures - similar view of entry and profit move


Entry above – Profits below


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