A Stagnant week

Not unsurprisingly we are on Fridays and still not seeing a great deal of movement. Price pausing after some interesting movements from mid Jan to early Feb.

Overall the strategy is doing is job and keeping us on the sidelines when price is not moving like now. This this time to be patient especially when we see extended periods of pausing as we see right now

GBPJPY –  a now confirmed consolidation


EURJPY -  a now confirmed consolidation – In this case its slightly angled which we might call a channel. Its still confined and not big enough to change tac and consider trading the range


EURUSD -  The whole marked area is a nasty mess – Im being very cautious about this chart and location.


GBPUSD -  a now confirmed consolidation – after having seen a lovely move upwards. Hopefully the next push can be equally as impressive.


YM Futures (Mar) -  Starting the flip flop moves.. and could well highlight a consolidation. Nothing confirmed yet and price moving higher for a new long entry.



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[Trade Article] – Hold Cash

Tis the season to be holding…

‘Nuf said

Sadly or fortunately depending on your perspective now is really not the time to be looking for any serious positions. My system is effectively flatlined and in wait mode since begging of the week and most of last week.

Looking at the time of your its most likely not unsurprising that this is the case.

Although interesting observations about this time of year is that we normally do see a reasonable push somewhere in the currency land of thing to trade. Also interesting is that its seems a biannual movement and last year (Dec ’12) we saw some phenomenal movements moving right through December and well into the new year.

This year we have seen some great movements again on the Yen rates but just not in December. As I’m typing this price is just bobbing back and forth with no real conviction to moving clearly in one direction or the other. Most other markets I’m looking at are acting in a similar way and after some great runs on price in Oct & Nov it comes back to NOT being too surprising that Dec is for the moment in pause mode.

Best advice right now… Hold Cash – Cash is King… Not THE King, that was Elvis… but King it is and its best to hold it


Supplemental to all this – and well done if you scrolled down – is that I need to remind you that holding cash is the 3rd and forgotten trade and is one of the most important trade decisions you can make.

Right now and excluding the time of year factor my strategy says don’t do anything new. This decision for many new and aspiring traders is almost alien – but keep in mind what the 95% do. That is to ignore the wait and hold cash decision.


This page is updated periodically through the day. Please check back regularly


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