A Stagnant week

Not unsurprisingly we are on Fridays and still not seeing a great deal of movement. Price pausing after some interesting movements from mid Jan to early Feb.

Overall the strategy is doing is job and keeping us on the sidelines when price is not moving like now. This this time to be patient especially when we see extended periods of pausing as we see right now

GBPJPY –  a now confirmed consolidation


EURJPY -  a now confirmed consolidation – In this case its slightly angled which we might call a channel. Its still confined and not big enough to change tac and consider trading the range


EURUSD -  The whole marked area is a nasty mess – Im being very cautious about this chart and location.


GBPUSD -  a now confirmed consolidation – after having seen a lovely move upwards. Hopefully the next push can be equally as impressive.


YM Futures (Mar) -  Starting the flip flop moves.. and could well highlight a consolidation. Nothing confirmed yet and price moving higher for a new long entry.



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