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In more than 12 years I’ve helped several hundreds (& nearly thousands) of traders overcome many mistakes and set them on the right path to becoming successful traders.



ow it is easier than ever to follow along profession traders in real time and learn by looking over their shoulder how to go about implementing a highly successful financial trading business strategy on a day by day basis.


safe_image1Look over my shoulder while I’m is trading – I will explain what I’m doing as the markets unfold in real time. I am one of the rare few people who will trade, train and give real time assessment of the markets as well as what he is currently being traded.



I really hate the hard sales buy buy buy attitude – I enjoy helping other traders learn to become more successful by showing them how I trade.

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A recent example trading crude oil in from our live sessions



From Private message - Feb 12th ’14


From The Live Trading Room – Feb 12th ’14





I have joined the site and live trading room yesterday and have been blown away already. I am very excited to see where I can take this.

Stuart M

First day trading your system after reading most of the strategy pages on the website over the weekend. Easily the most successful day I’ve ever had trading Forex!!

Ed D


I wanted to thank you for an excellent two months in the LTR which has completely changed the way I trade but more importantly the way I think about trading.

Mo S


If I remember well, it’s now two years since I came to the LTR. Wow!!! It’s amazing how my trading has changed in this time.

Two years ago, I was fascinated by coded backtesting, indicators and such complicated source of blindness and ignorance. Joining the LTR was like discovering a new ground. Your clever view of price action, your advice to manually backtest the ideas as a way to feel what trading them could be like, the importance of having a plan.

I’ve learnt a lot from you, not just from your trading skills, but also from your patience and generosity. At this point I must apollogize as I’ve not been an active attendee, but I’ve learnt a lot (silently). Thats why now I feel the need to tell you how gratefull I am for the knowledge you’ve brought to me. 

Now it’s time to walk my own way. That’s why this will be my last month (so far) as a member of the LTR.

Last 2 or 3 months have been a little headache for me and my trading, and I think I need a little time away from the screen…and that’s what I will do.

If, for whatever reason, I would be of any help for you or you come around Málaga, just mail me. I’ll be always there to play the “amigo”.

All the best, Miguel.


It all seems so logical, compared to the moving average systems / stochastics  and ADX’s I have used in other strategies. In many respects they leave so much to subjective observation and the desire to persuade oneself that they have crossed or whatever is the setup that is being looked for. With just price, it either is or isn’t at the correct level. 

Richard H